Shrimp Recipes

Louisiana families each have hundreds of different shrimp recipes that have been past down over the years. Shrimp is the most popular seafood in Louisiana that is readily available most of the year. Each year Louisiana shrimpers catch 90 - 120 million pounds of both brown and white shrimp. All of our shrimp recipes can only have Louisiana shrimp. There are many hidden dangers with imported shrimp.

The US Food and Drug Administration inspects less than 2% of seafood that is imported, which means that large quantities of shrimp contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, antibiotics and pesticide residues are likely reaching consumers. In addition to antibiotics, shrimp producers often use large quantities of chemicals to kill fish, mollusks, fungi, plants, insects and parasites in their ponds. All but one of the pesticides used globally in shrimp production are banned from use in US shrimp farms.otics and pesticide residues are likely reaching consumers.

Shrimp Creole

BBQ Shrimp

Shrimp Fettuccine

Shrimp Scampi

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