Fruit and Veggies

Louisiana fruits and veggies are a vital aspect of our culture and heritage. It was not very long ago that many our relatives actually lived off the land. My granparents grew upi Avoyelles parish, which is located in the heart of cajun country. I was told stories about how they used to grow all the food for the entire family. This is just proof the Louisianans have the knowledge and expertise to survive off the land. That is the main reason why our food is the best in the world. We take the time and dedication to grow the best produce, which then is used to complement our great recipes.


Louisiana Strawberries are the best in the entire world. Ponchatoula, Louisiana is the "Strawberry Capital of the World".

Creole Tomatoes are a delicious variety of the tomato which is grown only in certain parts of south Louisiana where the soil is just right. Some say “tomato,” some say “tomaahto,” but in New Orleans they say "Creoles."