Mello Joy Cajun Coffee

Mello Joy Cajun Coffee

The Original Cajun Coffee

The history of Mello Joygoes back to a dream of two brothers. While working for Grimmer Coffee Company, makers of Creole Belle, brothers Louis and Will Begnaud dreamed of one day owning and operating their own coffee company. In 1936, they decided to make the “big leap.” So, with all of their savings, they started their Coffee Company. It became the talk of the town, and dreams became reality as the people of Acadiana began calling it their own.

Times were tough from the beginning, but the brothers were determined to be key players in the Louisiana market. Louis eventually bought out his brother to become the sole owner of the company, and it was not long before the smells of the Cajun coffee were creating lasting memories for decades to come.

Cajun culture would have you believe it was required etiquette to “Get down and visit over a hot, fresh cup of cajun coffee!” It was the winning spirit Louis created for his company that made it the must-have beverage for Cajuns from the 1940s through the mid-1970s. Their coffee was everywhere, making it the No. 1 coffee brand in Louisiana especially cajun country.

In 1976, Louis sold the Company to a regional competitor which had struggled to break into Acadiana’s loyal market. Within a few years, the brand was phased out and only the competitor’s brand was available to consumers.

After more than two decades of absence from the market, it was revived in 2000.

The resurrected of the Company, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, was formed under the new ownership of majority Partner Wayne Elmore,. In addition Mr. Elmore is a highly respected business, philanthropic, and civic leader. Most recently Pat Pettijohn, a 16-year veteran of the coffee industry has joined the company. Pat serves as President in an effort to ensure growth and continued success for decades to come.

It has quickly become the preferred coffee for consumers throughout Louisiana, and now is available in several markets around the country. With a rapidly expanding presence on grocery store shelves, in coffee houses and at corporate businesses and restaurants, there is no question the fond memories created by the coffee in the 1940s are being recreated today.

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Mello Joy is the #1 coffee in Cajun Country

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