French Market Coffee

In 1890, the first can of French Market Coffee & Chicory was roasted, blended and packaged . The Bartlett and Dodge families, incorporated as the American Coffee Company, moved that famous coffee to 800 Magazine Street in 1941. In this post-Katrina age of fascination with our city and its history, they recognized the strength of our 117 years of calling New Orleans home. Our customers are fiercely loyal. It is enjoyed in the iconic restaurants of a city known for its great cuisine.

From French Market Website

Different Coffees

Coffee with Chicory- They import all of their chicory from Leroux. Their red can has been around since 1890, and nobody here or there can testify as to how long the partnership between Leroux and French Market has been going on.

Coffee with Chicory Creole Style- This exclusive blend was established over 100 years ago by master coffee tasters. Exotic coffee beans are roasted and blended with the finest imported French chicory to produce an extraordinary coffee. It is a medium roast coffee.

Coffee with Chicory City Blend-Their classic blend of Coffee & Chicory with a darker roast for New Orleanian taste buds.

Pure Chicory- This is a famous blend that is pure chicory definetly not for the weak coffee drinkers.

The coffee is very popular with at all of New Orleans older residents. These are customers that remember growing up in the 1940's and 1950's with their parents only drinking their favorite Coffee. It was the only coffee their parents drank and they are now very loyal drinkers. Most popular New Orleans restaurants still serve only this Coffee. They believe it is the only blend that is really New Orleans. Tourist who try this coffee defintely are hooked. Do you want to try French Market Coffee?